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Staff Welfare

01Pay attention to the health of employees, set up the staff canteen (refuse to the contractor), provide healthy meals, cook by professional chefs, and provide various cuisines for employees from different regions;

02Provide staff dormitory with comfortable environment, independent balcony and toilet, hot and cold water supply, and free WIFI;

03Regularly organize staff birthday parties and distribute birthday cash gifts;

04Provide various allowances, including overtime allowance, high-temperature allowance, communication allowance, transportation allowance, travel allowance, etc;

05Outing and Outward Bound at least 1-2 times a year;

06Purchase social security for employees and add accident insurance and Employment Injury Insurance for construction workers;

07Internal recommendation and reward, introduce new employees (technicians) to work for three months, and reward 300 yuan a person;

08"red scarf study room" is set up in the group's office area, which is open to the school children of employees from other places to solve employees' worries;

09Implement the operation joint-stock system within group.